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Project Questionnaire

This questionnaire will provide us with useful and necessary information to best serve you, so  take your time. Take a cup of coffee, chill on the couch, and get to thinking! 😉

*All questionnaire data collected will be held in strict confidence and protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed between Creative Zeune and your company. This ensures the confidentiality of your sensitive information throughout the design process.

    ✦ Essential Questions

    Your name

    Your email

    Company name

    How long have you been in business?

    What makes you business unique?

    What are a few big goals you have for your business?

    Where do you see your business in 2-3 years?


    ✦ Your Brand

    What is your primary brand color?

    What font(s) you're using in your branding?

    Do you have the branding kit (logo, brand guideline, etc) ?


    If yes, please upload the branding here.


    If no, do you need an additional branding service?


    *Contact us for the details, if you want to create a logo and brand collaterals.


    ✦ The Competitors

    Who are your competitors? Please list the website links below (Please add at least 3 competitors in the same business field)

    What are they doing well?

    What are they NOT doing well?

    How are you different from your competitors?


    ✦ The Audience

    Describe your ideal client.

    What age range is your target audience?


    Which actions would you like the website visitor to perform?


    ✦ The product

    What is the most valuable and useful features your product/software has?

    Can it integrate with the existing tools?

    What is the pricing model and support structure?


    ✦ Visual References

    Please list a few visual examples of websites that resonate with you and / or are in line with your desired web design aesthetic. Make sure to include an explanation of why these resonate.

    Which color scheme do you prefer to apply to your website?


    Any additional details or creative considerations?

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